Good Indian FOSS projects

Hasura, Chatwoot, and BlobCity, I discovered in conjunction with the conference. Would be nice to collate a list of significant Indian FOSS projects.

I’ll start off with ERPNext :slight_smile:


Indic Keyboard project from SMC

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I’m a huge fan of calibre :arrow_down:

Not 100% sure if it counts as Indian or not though…

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I am sure there will be opensource equivalent of UPI in future

I missed it. I am using it heavily. eBook reader is also a good piece of software.

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We compiled a list of Indian FOSS projects recently:

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3 Likes RISC-V Open Source Processor development ecosystem from IIT Madras.

1 Like Innovative Open Source Software + Hardware for science education, from IUAC Delhi.

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Opensource eCommerce Platform; Bagisto

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MobSF is a rockstar project on mobile security.


Web Maker is an offline CodePen/JSFiddle alternative
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Glific - An open source two way communication platform

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We’re building Hoppscotch - Open source API development ecosystem.

Web app:


Devtron - An Opensource DevOps tool for Kubernetes that provides a SaaS-like experience without lock-in or premium of a SaaS product. With Devtron, we are integrating with the existing open-source systems like argocd, Argo workflow, Clair, hibernator, grafana, Prometheus, envoy, and many others and add capabilities on top of them to enable self serve for developers and DevOps.
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It was created by the author of PySPF (mentioned in an earlier comment).

The author of PySPF (and the team at IITB) are also involved in the FOSSEE projects - The FOSSEE folks are the ones who organise SciPy India.