[Planning] FOSS Hack 4.0

Announcing FOSS Hack 4.0

We are excited to announce the 4th edition of FOSS Hack, moving further on our goal of evangelising FOSS projects.

FOSS Hack 4.0 aims to be way more engaging and inclusive, with no central iteration, but parallel hackathons happening all over the country. We are in discussions on how to execute this event at a larger scale paralelly, but a brief idea of what we’re planning is here.

Date (Tenative) - 27th & 28th July,2024


The hackathon will take place in multiple editions throughout. List of venues will be updated here.
We are expecting a minimum of 15 venues running the hackathon parallely, managed end to end by our FOSS Clubs, City Chapters and additional volunteer teams.

Cash Prize: ₹10L

What is FOSS Hack?

A yearly hackathon organized by FOSS United Foundation to promote Free and Open Source Software by bringing together professionals and students to build or extend FOSS projects. Every year we create a pool of ₹10L cash for the winners.

FOSS Hack 2020, 2021 and 2023

  • Online and Local editions
  • ₹10Lakh of cash prize pool each year
  • 5900+ Registrations
  • 2100+ Participants
  • 580+ projects
  • Total 37 winners


  1. FOSS Hack 2020
  2. FOSS Hack 2021
  3. FOSS Hack 2023

Detailed compiled documentation of all previous editions is underway.

Join FOSS Hack 4.0 team

Call for Volunteers will be opened soon.


Excited for this :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


Super excited for this :rocket:
And eagerly waiting for the Call For Volunteers.

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