[Planning] IndiaFOSS 2024

We are excited to announce IndiaFOSS 2024, the fourth edition of the Free and Open Source Software (and Hardware!) conference organised by the FOSS United community.

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Call for Proposals
Suggestions thread
Suggest a Speaker

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This forum post is to be used as a planning thread pertaining to all related discussions, meeting notes, and linking relevant threads.


Minutes of the meeting #1

Attendees - Vishal, Ansh

1. Talks:

  • The date announcement reel is in process (now posted).
  • CFP to open in first week of April and a committee will be sought after starting 15th April with an expected conclusion by 30th June.
  • The committee will start reviewing proposals from 1st July for a period of 3-4 weeks. - The schedule release is set for August first week tentatively.

2. Sponsorships

  • Sponsorship deck to be released on 15th April.
  • The last date to onboard sponsors is 15th August.
  • Received interest from Logitech for a sponsorship

3. Project and Community Tables

  • Make IndiaFOSS into a fair. Allow as many as possible projects to be featured (maybe chage a nominal fee for the table, tv screens if required etc.)
  • Calls for Software and Hardware Showcases will be made. There will also be dedicated community tables.

4. Diversity

  • More focus on diversity scholarships this year. Perhaps include an option to donate while registering.
    Diversity Scholarships - IndiaFOSS

  • Focus on inviting diverse speakers, communities.

5. Guides

  • Participants & Speakers | FAQs
  1. Accommodation
  2. Travel
  3. Places to visit in Bangalore
  4. Food to try
  • Speakers’ FAQs
  1. OS Guideline
  2. Mock session before the talk
  3. Free/+1 tickets
  4. Travel Support
  5. Slide Submission
  6. Collect contact details post talk confirmation

6. Children

  • The conference should be made open to kids. Seperate activities to be planned.
  • Parents can bring along their children aged 5-15, free tickets perhaps.
  • Vishal will get in touch with a daycare service.

7. Tickets

  • Early bird tickets will open on 1 May.
  • Regular tickets will open on 15th June.
  • The maximum ticket count is set to be 1500.
  • Use razorpay invoice feature as per request


  1. Registration Page: Ask for food preference, dietary restrictions
  2. Tickets module
  3. Conference Page
  4. Donate Section
  5. CP section changes: adjust 6 CPs logo in one row in large screen and 2 in mobile view
  6. Speakers sneak peak on homepage
  7. FOSS Projects
  8. Move volunteers to a dedicated page
  9. Schedule Redesign
  10. Ticket Transfer
  11. Invoice generation

9. Marketing

  • Content
  1. Newsletter
  2. Social Media
  3. Partnerships
  • Design
  1. Social Media Cards
  2. Banners: Vertical and horizontal
  3. ID Sticker
  4. Sticker
  5. Venue Space Management (Get printed copy)
  6. Signage
  7. Backdrop for auditoriums and livestream
  • Community Partnership
  1. Reach out to old partners
  2. Find new partners through outreach. Less focus on marketing partnerships.
  • Video Content


  1. AV
  2. Food
  3. WiFi
  4. Sockets
  5. More Water Stations

11. Conf day

  • Unconference
  • Workshops
  • Lightning Talks
  • BoF sessions