Proposal for the Mon School

I am planning to work on the following points for the coming 3 months:

  • Creating a Practical Course on Git and GitHub.

  • Work on a plan on how to provide certification and badges to the learners on and defining criteria for the courses.

  • Plan to start group project building activities on

  • Social Media

    • Targeting 500+ followers on both Instagram and Twitter.
    • Creating community engagement through both the platform
    • Educating the audience about open source and open source contribution through regular posting.
  • Hosting a webinar on GSoC (and maybe on more open source programs) by inviting speakers who have already contributed to these programs.

  • Educating students about different open source programs.

  • Try to collaborate with Hackathons to promote

  • Try reaching out to the influencers who can support us in the initiative.

  • Working on a structure on how and FOSS Club can work together.

Feel free to comment your suggestions or ideas that we can implement for the


Was thinking of also adding formal mentorship workshops at institutes (either by oirselves, or with the help of a FOSS Club/organizations like VGLUG)

This could tie in with the certifications part you mentioned.


That’d be nice, do note that we don’t give grants for mon school courses now. There was another course ([Upcoming] course : Git & GitHub for Beginners) on this topic, we haven’t published it since the author was not able to work on the feedback provided due to time constraints.

Didn’t get you, do you plan to make seperate handles for I think managing multiple social media channels for our various initiatives is not practical. We did have a twitter account some time back, haven’t been using it now. We promote the courses on our main handle directly

Yep, FOSS 101 aims to do this in some sense. The idea however is to evangelise FOSS in general among students, not as a way to get selected in these programs but to just promote the philosophy. We do plan to bring active contributors and project maintainers on here though.

This will also help us promote the Season of Commits program once we officiate it. Again, this needs to be very considerately planned, we don’t want to advertise it as a way to earn money by making PRs. There is enough controversy regarding these programs these days as is.

This is something we hadn’t thought of before, can potentially serve as a good resource for FOSS Hack 4.0 too

I didn’t get this part.

Working on a structure on how and FOSS Club can work together.

Absolutely, open to ideas!

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Sorry, didn’t get this. Can you please elaborate?

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Yes, I’m aware that there are no more course grants, and thanks for sharing that course. It has a great course outline, and this will definitely help me in designing the course. Let me know if I can work with the author to complete this course. Also, I was planning to make an interactive course instead of video tutorials, but I just have some ideas I need to research more on. I need to see if I can practically create it the way I’m planning. I will share the whole plan once I complete my research on it.

We also have an Instagram account for However, both of these accounts have been inactive. Therefore, I was planning to start posting content regularly from these accounts, as I discussed with @mriya11 on the call. However, if you all suggest that we should only maintain the FOSS United account, that’s not a problem. I will try to create the content, and we can share it through the FOSS United account.

GSoC, Hacktoberfest, and all the other programs are the peak times when most of the student community is searching about open source and exploring it. I agree that in recent times, we have seen people spamming some repositories just for some swag or whatever incentives that program might be offering. So the plan is to use this peak time to educate the students about open source, its benefits, explaining that open source is more than just swag, and parallelly providing them with guidance for these programs.

I might have mentioned to you that we run an initiative called theHackCalendar, where we list all the Indian in-person hackathons. Therefore, I am in touch with a few hackathon organizers whom I can try reaching out to for a partnership with

Okay, as I discussed with @mriya11, there are many community influencers who support Open Source. So we can try reaching out to them regarding the initiative. They can help us either by spreading the word about to their audience, or if they are YouTubers, we can see if they wish to shift their courses to By shifting to, they can also add assignments and evaluation parameters to their courses. We can even provide certificates to the learners with the course creator’s signature.

Even though I’m not very sure about all this, I think if I plan a little more on it, we might be able to make it work.

So, I saw a message by @wisharya on telegram that that we are planning to open FOSS Club applications in July and we are planning to scale from 12 to 100 clubs. So we may structure it like floating an interest form first for the FOSS Club and we can ask the interested institutes to organise a session on a topic related to and make students complete the courses. In this way we can even get an idea on which campuses we can have a more active open source community.
This just one idea, we can have more ways to work on both these initiatives together since both of these programs are mostly student centric.


we also offer probono trainings to university kids…

happy to include your courses into our LMS under ProBono section

At a later stage we can plan a webinar on this as well

we started conducting hackathons on cybersecurity and also in near term foss based app development for social impact projects



Since GitHub is one of our Industry Partners, can we think of including in GitHub Student Developer Pack?

@ansh @wisharya @mriya11

@ansh can you please reply to this part?

I’m not too sure. That might be additional workload, but if you (or any volunteer/organisation that) plan to spend dedicated time on and lead the initiative, having a seperate handle does make sense, which will help exist as an individual entity.

Others might have better insights on this.

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Some tangible targets to start with @rudrapratik30 :blush:

Sharing s few things on my note:

This course was discontinued by the author - we do not have any more follow-up on this unfortunately, maybe you can keep this as a baseline and create another course to be added?

Do give a timeline by which you need this - @Harsh_Tandiya and I will be working on some mon school updates soon.

Do share with @Ruchika about your marketing plan, design and content collateral etc. and she will guide you through the profiles and sharing, after a period - you can slowly own them too.

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Since @rudrapratik30 is planning to create design and content for the mon school handles - he can work on it. Ruchika can help with posting a first few after review and then he can own it.

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Thanks @mriya11

Yes I have started working on it.

Sure, I will try to give you the plan by 15th March and till then I will be parallelly working on the Git and GitHub Tutorial . And we can start providing the skill badges with that course.

Yeah, I will connect with her.


@mriya11 can you reply to this one?

It’s the end of fiscal year and partnerships are being renewed - we cannot assure of this point until new partners onboard or existing partners renew.

So let’s wait on this.

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Plan for Certifications and Badges on the

Courses would be divided into three categories, nomenclature can be decided:

1. Certification Courses

  • This would be like our traditional courses and like those are available on the
  • These courses will be divided into different chapters and chapters will be further divided into smaller units called modules.
  • The total course length must be greater than 2 weeks or 12 hours
  • Courses in these categories can be like Frontend Development, Cloud, Hosting, Databases, etc.

2. Skill Badges

  • This will be smaller in length than the Certification courses
  • This category will cover the most common skills that are essential for any developer
  • Will try to keep this course as practical as much as possible
  • The course length must not exceed 2 weeks
  • Courses in this category can be like Git and GitHub, Linux Commands, etc.

3. Professional Certification

  • This will be combination of certification courses and skill badges
  • Length of this courses will be 4+ weeks
  • By achieving this certificate the learner will learn the whole complete skill of the particular domain such as full stack developer, application developer, backend developer, etc.
  • Students completing these courses will get an opportunity to get interviewed for internships.

So we can visualize the plan as follow:

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This is the outline for the Git Skill Badge, planning to make different skill badge for the GitHub.

Basically this will be totally a practical course, I have tried to make a CLI tool for this.

A very basic demo will look like this:
Check out the video demo here: Git Course Demo.mp4 - Google Drive

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Setting up Git Username and Git Email ID

    • git config - -global “[FirstName LastName]”
    • git config - -global “[valid-email]”
  • Module 2: Setting up Git Repo

    • Will ask the participant to create a dummy project (HTML and CSS, most probably we will provide the code) and then ask to make some horrible changes in it, that they would like to go back to their original code. In this manner we will try to make them understand the importance of using git.
    • Now will ask them to copy paste the code again from the original source ( and now run git init
  • Module 3:

    • Now will ask them to make some changes in the project and then run git status to see which files are changed
    • Now run git add [file]
    • git commit -m “[descriptive message]”
  • Module 4:

    • Now make some more changes and wish to go back to the previous file
    • git log
    • git checkout
  • Module 5:

    • Above modules were enough to make the learner understand the importance of using git, in this module we will see some more git commands
    • git reset [file]
    • git branch
    • git branch [branch-name]
    • git log --follow [file]
    • git rm [file]
    • git mv [existing-path] [new-path]
    • git stash

Will cover the git push, git pull and some other commands related to github in GitHub skill badge

Please comment down your suggestions.

I am trying to complete this course asap in parallel to my ongoing internship

@mriya11 @ansh @wisharya

@rudrapratik30 Each module until the last one seem smaller, while the last one has much extra context to it.

I think we can add a bit more context to each module too. Like, quoting on a personal note when I learnt it, I found it more good when I learnt init-add-commit in a single run, i feel we need not split them up into two modules?

Another question I had was, did you intend it cover just Git in this course? And not connect it to any version control hosting platforms like GitHub or GitLab etc ?

Also I felt would be great if @Arya_Kiran or others could also share a feedback on the outline as well.

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A few suggestions:

  • Move reset and rm to the part about git add, since they are very much related
  • move git stash to be along with commit creation
  • go more in-depth into branching
  • maybe cover cherry picking and such as well?

And make it less reliant on videos, especially simple parts.
Ps: @mriya11 would it be possible for to integrate something like asciinema?

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Okay I will try to reframe the outline with the above inputs!

Yeah, I was planning to make two different skill badge for the Git and GitHub, since I am planning to make a practical and interactive course for GitHub as well, but can’t find any good idea till now.

I think that will get complicated for the beginners?

0 Videos :slight_smile:
Trying to make a CLI tool for this particular course, check the video I attached in the above post and if this course gets a good response then we can make a course on Linux commands as well on the similar lines.


@mriya11 @Arya_Kiran Please check the following outline, I tried to redesign based on your inputs.

Module-1] Setting Up Git

  • Importance of using Git
  • Git Installation
  • Setting up git username
  • Setting up git email

Module-2] Saving your project in Git

  • git init
  • git status
  • git add
  • git commit

Module-3] How to go back?

  • git log
  • git checkout
  • git reset
  • git rm
  • git mv

Module-4] Git Branching

  • git branch
  • git branch [branch-name]
  • git checkout
  • git merge [branch]

Module-5] Temporary Commits

  • git stash
  • git stash list
  • git stash pop
  • git stash drop

Comment down your views!