Request for Comment : Community Call

We’re proposing starting a regular “Community Call” and we would like your comments regarding it.

What is the “Community Call”?

The Community Call will be a regular online meetup for members of the FOSS United community. Specifically, the focus of the call will be to bring together the volunteers running the various FOSS United monthly meetups across the country under the same roof regularly. The community call will be open to all members of the FOSS United community but the agenda will primarily involve updates from the various monthly meetups.

What is the point of the “Community Call”?

As FOSS United spreads across the country, we need a way for the disparate set of volunteers running the various city meetups to gather under the same roof to share their learnings, talk about what they are planning to do, discuss what went wrong and provide meaningful, learned advice on running the city meetups.

What happens in the “Community Call”?

Each monthly call will have most of the agenda set in advance. A city volunteer group interested in joining the call will be expected to provide information about what happened at their last meetup and what they are planning for their upcoming meetup in advance e.g. on a forum post. The participants in the call are expected to have read the agenda in advance so that they can go over the agenda points and seek advice from other community volunteers.

The FOSS United Core team will also guide the volunteer teams where possible.

Towards the end of each call, there will be an open slot. The open slot is meant for people in the community who want to understand the inner workings of our community. They could use this information to start their own city meetup or to join an existing meetup.

When will the “Community Call” happen?

The Community Call will happen on the first Saturday of every month from 10 AM - 11 AM(edited). This is because

  • we cannot expect volunteers to spend time on weekdays
  • we don’t want to expect volunteers (or the FOSS United core team) to work on a Sunday
  • we don’t want to have the call in the afternoon on a Saturday as most city meetups are held in the afternoon e.g. 3-6 PM

What will come out of the “Community Calls”?

  • The notes for each call will be publicly available e.g. via a forum post. The increased transparency in how things work internally will also hopefully make the city teams more accessible to new potential volunteers
  • In the short term, we are hoping that the calls will help the volunteer teams running individual city meetups to share their learnings with other city teams

Where do we go from here?

We can go ahead with the community call if atleast three city volunteer teams agree to this idea. We can have a Version 0 of the call on August 5, 2023 (next Saturday). As the proposer and a part of the HydFOSS team, I’m keen to share our learnings.


The Community Call will happen on the first Saturday of every month from 10 AM - 11 PM.

I’m assuming you meant 10AM - 11AM.
I would suggest moving this slot to the evening, since all the meetups at FOSS United Chennai so far have been held in the morning slot, because of the hot weather here in the afternoons.

That said, the volunteer group at FOSS United Chennai will be delighted to be a part of the monthly calls.

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Yes. Sorry. 10 - 11 AM.

I think someone or the other will be left behind whether we choose a morning slot or an afternoon slot. Does 2-3 PM in the afternoon work for the Chennai team? That way, volunteers from cities who run meetups that start at 3/4 PM will also be able to join, if possible.

The volunteer group at FOSS United Delhi will also be delighted to be a part of monthly calls.

I would like the timings to be from 10-11 am as well.

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True, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomodate however since it is likely that only one or two chapters may have a meetup on that particular Saturday and others will be available.

We can decide the timings for each monthly call accordingly instead of keeping a fixed time for the same maybe?

Does 2-3 PM in the afternoon work for the Chennai team?

Yes,that works for us.

Sure this sounds good!

FOSSUnited Bangalore team would be happy to join the call and share updates as well.

However I am not sure if Saturday would work for the call as its a weekend so might get missed so my suggestion is we do it on a weekday eg Thursday post work (probably 7pm/8pm)
That way it won’t collide with any meet-ups, let me know what you think.

Organizing a meeting where everyone is able to join is definitely going to be difficult, if not impossible. But I strongly believe in async communication so the forum threads for each community call should contain all of the information from each individual volunteer team ahead of time, even if they are unable to join the call.

In addition, what do we think about rotating who “leads” each month? It looks like we definitely can’t settle on a single recurring date every single month. So each volunteer team would “lead” a different month and chooses a day/time that works best for them. And the other volunteer teams will try their best to accommodate. The previous point still applies - information from each volunteer team will still be in the thread before the meeting.

This Saturday (August 5) seems very unlikely so for now, I would like to propose August 12, 10-11 AM. I, on behalf of the Hyderabad volunteer team will try to lead this community call.

@Ansh_Arora could you/the Chennai volunteer team lead the September and pick a date that works best for you?
@Swastik_Baranwal on behalf ot the Delhi team could pick the date for October and lead
@Aakansha_Doshi on behalf of the Bengaluru team could pick the date for November and lead

How does that sound?

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August 12 works for us.

Sure, We would be happy to lead the September call.


I will let you guys know when I will be picking up the date for October.

The FOSS United Pune team would be more than happy to participate. Just a question, the meetings will be online right?

Ohh yes. absolutely.

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Yes this sounds good

FOSS United Mumbai Team would be happy to join the call too.

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Kochi team will be present in that call