Tasklist for Meetup Organizers [Quick Guideline]

From our past experience of organizing regular FOSS meetups in various cities across India, we have created a rough task list for the people who are interested in organising meetups in their city.

These guidelines are a city meetup version of Tasklist for Conference Organizers [Quick Guideline]

Sl. Tasklist Timeline Deadline
1. Define meetup agenda(duration, theme if any) Day 0 -
2. Fix date, time and venue Week 1 3 weeks before the event
3. Outline event structure Week 1 -
4. Release Call for Proposals(CFP) with a deadline Announce as soon as venue is confirmed Week 1
5. Find vendors for food and refreshments Week 2 -
6. Announce RSVPs on all communication channels End of week 2 -
7. Design poster templates for schedule, talks - By Week 3
8. Review speaker proposals, confirm speakers and close CFP Week 3 1 week before the event
9. Close RSVP - 3 days before the event
10. Finalize event schedule - 3 days before the event
11. Release the event schedule and selected talks on all communication channels - 2 days before the event
12. Email reminder about the event and code of conduct to the participants - A day or two before the event
13. Follow up email about the meetup, share pictures (if available) and ask for feedback 3 days after the event

We’re assuming you’re planning the meetup 1 month prior